Thursday, 22 January 2015

Riverford Organics Fruit & Veg Box Scheme

I've been wanting to sign up to an organic veg box scheme for ages so, after lots of research into different companies, I finally took the plunge before Christmas and signed up with Riverford Organics.

The Riverford box scheme began in Devon when founder Guy Watson started delivering vegetables to a small number of friends and family who lived locally. They now deliver a whopping 47,000 boxes per week to homes around the UK from there four regional farms. 

There is a large selection of boxes to choose from on the Riverford website and I decided on the small original fruit and veg box which costs £12.95 with free delivery. You can completely change or add/remove anything in your order up to 48 hours before delivery. I was allocated Wednesday as my delivery day and was informed that my fruit and veg box would be coming from Home Farm in Yorkshire. As I work full time, it's good to know that you don't have to be in when the box is delivered - it can be left anywhere that you like or you can give an alternative delivery address.

Here's how my fruit and veg box looked when it was delivered - 

It was all packed up nicely in recyclable packaging with a welcome brochure full of information regarding each vegetable - like how to store it, prepare it and cook it, as well as several recipe ideas.

Everything looked really fresh when I unpacked it and I was impressed with the quality and quantity of all the fruit and veg. It is certainly enough for two people as indicated on the website.

My fruit and veg box contained:

A bag of new potatoes
Pointed cabbage
A bag of sugarsnap peas
A bunch of carrots

The fruit tasted much fresher and sweeter than any supermarket-bought fruit I've had before and it had so much more flavour. The tomatoes tasted so amazingly sweet that I could have literally eaten them all there and then.

I'm really impressed with my first box from Riverford Organics and I think the scheme is great value for money. The website is really easy to use too and if you don't like the menu for one particular week you can pause the delivery or make up your own box.

Have you signed up to a weekly fruit and veg box scheme? What do you think of the contents of this box?


  1. I have heard so much about organic box schemes recently, I have also wanted to try this! thanks for sharing great blog!! xx

  2. Strange but them carrots look yummy, heh, enjoy, followed! || Laura

  3. I love fruit and veg! This post is making me hungry - looks so good. I love your blog too - very chic xx


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