Saturday, 10 January 2015

Lush Butter Bear Bath Ballistic Review

One of my favourite things about Christmas is getting a new bath/shower set. After opening presents on Christmas morning I love taking a long bath or shower and using all the new toiletries that I've received as presents. This year I received quite a few and one of my favourites was the Lush Candy Box gift box. (Unfortunately I didn't get a photo of the box before I unwrapped it all though - oops, sorry!)

The first item from the set that I used was the Butter Bear Bath Ballistic - a cute looking bear shaped bath bomb and special updated version of their original Butterball Ballistic especially for the Christmas season.
Since developing eczema on my legs a few years ago I have to be careful what products I use and this seemed ideal as it is packed with moisturising cocoa butter and doesn't contain too many essential oils or fragrances.

The scent of this Ballistic is a subtle one with hints of vanilla musk and cocoa butter. It's a nice sweet, powdery smell. 

As soon as the Ballistic was immersed in water it began to fizz quickly, releasing foamy bubbles as it dissolved. I then noticed little beads of pale brown oil being released from the Ballistic which floated on top of the water - these are beads of cocoa butter which are added to soften and moisturise the skin. The Ballistic didn't take long to fully dissolve and I was left with slightly cloudy white bath water with little sparkling beads of oil floating on top. Once I was in the water I could immediately feel the cocoa butter on my skin and, most importantly for me, it didn't irritate my patches of eczema. I noticed that the scent didn't last very long, which is unusual for Lush Bath Ballistics, but I wasn't too bothered by this.

Adding the Butter Bear Bath Ballistic resulted in a nice relaxing bath and left me with soft and moisturised skin which felt like I had applied a dry oil spray. I liked the product and, although the scent didn't last long, the initial subtle smell was lovely. I know that some people use this Ballistic alongside other Lush bath products to add more moisturisers to the bath, but I think its nice enough to use on its own.

The Butter Bear Bath Ballistic was a limited edition for Christmas costing £1.95 if bought on its own, but you can buy the normal Butterball Bath Ballistic (the same but just a different shape and slightly heavier) year round for £2.65.

What is your favourite Lush Bath Ballistic?

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  1. Ooh I love Butter Bear. It's not the most exciting Lush item but the more exciting ones tend to contain ingredients that aren't great for sensitive skin (I have to be careful what I use on my skin too). I love how soft my skin felt after Butter Bear :)

    The Naily Mail

    Lauren x


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