Monday, 11 August 2014

The Top Ten Tag!

Jessica at Pretty Chit Chat has created this new tag which basically consists of the Top Ten Beauty Products you can't live without - one from each category. I think it's a great idea and I'm looking forward to reading more of these!


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This Tag was made by Jessica Vannan at Pretty Chit Chat 

I was tagged by the lovely Lucy from Pretty Little Things & The Cotton City (link the person you were tagged by)

Tag who you would like to nominate:

My nominations are:

Lor from Miss LJ Beauty
Julie from Just Julie
Sian from Sian Marie Beauty
Katie from Gold Dust Blog

And anyone else reading who wants to join in!

Here goes...

1. Foundation

My favourite foundation is the MAC Studio Fix Liquid Foundation which I wear in shade NC25. I've been using it for about 6 years now and I love it as it gives me a good coverage and a matte finish.

2. Powder

I'm loving the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Pressed Powder at the moment - it gives a flawless finish and is a handy little compact that you can pop in your bag for any touch ups throughout the day.

3. Concealer

I use two different concealers so I'm going to cheat a little bit here and mention both (sshhh don't tell anyone!) I use the MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer to cover blemishes and the MAC Pro-Longwear Concealer for any dark circles under my eyes.

4. Blush

I really like No.7 Natural Blush Tint Powder in shade Coral Flush - it's a lovely deep coral/pink colour that suits my skin tone and it lasts all day.

5. Bronzer

I have a nice shimmery St. Tropez Bronzing Block which I like but I probably need to buy myself a matte bronzer - the Benefit Hoola Bronzer is on my wishlist!

6. Highlighter

I haven't found a highlighter I like yet. I have the No.7 Cream Highlighter Stick but I'm not sure if I'm that keen on it. If you have any recommendations please comment below!

7. Mascara

My absolute favourite mascara is L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes! I haven't found another mascara that compares to this yet - it gives my lashes so much volume and length.....I love it!

8. Eyeshadows

I don't tend to wear eyeshadow through the week for work but at weekends I like use my MAC eyeshadows. I don't really have a favourite shade, I like them all!

9. Brows

I have really sparse eyebrows that need filling in so finding a product with staying power is really important to me. At the moment I'm using Illamasqua Eyebrow Cake in shade Thunder and it's the best eyebrow product I've used so far. I prefer brow powder rather than a pencil as I think it gives more of a natural finish.

10. Lip Product

Oooh this is difficult! I do love my MAC Lipsticks in shades Brave Red and Vegas Volt, but I've just bought the YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in shade 19 which had been on my wishlist for ages! I think I'd have to say the YSL because it's a gorgeous colour and the casing is sooooooo pretty!

I hope you enjoyed reading my answers. If you do the tag leave me your links in the comments below so I can have a read!


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