Sunday, 31 August 2014

7 Days of Essence | Day 5 - Colour & Go Nail Polish in 'Be Berry Now!'

It's Day 5 of my '7 Days of Essence' series and today I'm telling you all about this little gem - the Essence Colour & Go Nail Polish* in shade 'Be Berry Now!'

I have quite a few of the Essence nail polishes and I think they are fabulous! This particular polish is my favourite shade from the range at the moment and I've been wearing it quite a lot. It's a stunning deep raspberry shade which isn't too dark and it looks amazing on.

I love the cute little bottle and I like the fact that the lid is the same colour as the polish as it makes it easier to find the shade I want when looking through my make up storage drawers. The brush is slightly wider and flatter than usual which I think is the perfect shape and size for easy application to the nails. 

The polish has a slightly thick consistency which gives good coverage in just one coat whilst still being easy to work with. I prefer a polish with a thicker consistency like this as you can get away with one coat if you're stuck for time. The polish dries fairly quickly and has a very high shine finish to it. In the photo below I only have one coat of the polish on, so you can see how good the coverage is.

It was about 2 to 3 days after applying this coat that I noticed the first chips appearing. I think this is pretty good going considering it's only one coat and I spend most of my day at work typing. If I apply two coats I usually get a couple of extra days wear out of it. Considering this costs only £1.60, I'm really impressed with the quality and staying power of this polish. 

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