Sunday, 20 April 2014

Manchester Fashion Week 2014

Last night I attended the second show of Manchester Fashion Week's three day extravaganza - it was everything I hoped it would be and more! There was so much to see and it featured everything from casual t-shirts to exclusive couture gowns. I was basically in fashion heaven!

The venue was perfect - the Halle St. Peter's in the Ancoats area of Manchester is a beautiful restored church with stunning stained glass windows above the catwalk, adding character and atmosphere to the setting. The show was a sell out and the venue was just the right size to seat everyone plus still have enough room for pop up stalls from some of the brands and designers featured in the show. 

(On the front row, waiting for the show to start!)

The show was quite long and featured a huge range of designers and brands so I'm going to keep this as short as I possibly can and share my highlights from the night.

First up, to open the show, was Sofia Dourvari with her stunning gowns and cocktail dresses. 

(My favourite dress from Sofia Dourvari - I love the detail and the shape of this dress is so me!)

Next up was 304# which showcased both male and female fashion with a casual, fun and playful look.

(I loved this cute baseball jacket from 304#)

Florina had the most unusual designs of the evening. Original and striking with dresses and two-pieces made from nature's resources such as moss, fern and acorn.

(Check out this wedding dress made from moss by Florina!)

Didi's Boutique was one of my favourite brands in the show. Founded in 2013 by a busy mum of two, their collection featured outfits for every occasion and every budget.

(One of my favourite outfits from Didi's Boutique on the catwalk)

(I loved this beautiful striped pastel skirt from Didi's Boutique)

(Absolutely stunning gown from Didi's Boutique)

Another brand I was looking forward to seeing on the catwalk was OMG Fashion after having attended their press party last month. OMG Fashion is run by a young couple who actually started out in my home town of Urmston in Manchester, and their collection saw cute summer two-pieces to sexy playsuits and plenty of celeb style dresses perfect for a night out!

(I loved this neon dress from OMG Fashion - I think I will be purchasing this for my Summer holiday!)

Clare Baxter showed off her stunning 'showgirl' inspired outfits and headdresses on the catwalk. The detail was amazing and there were lots of tassels, feathers and glitz!

Eustratia was another brand that featured unusual designs, focusing on latex fashion with a fetish twist.

Boda Skins showcased their amazing collection of classic and sexy leather jackets - a wardrobe staple with added luxury. The quality of these jackets was clear to see and the designs were timeless and stylish.

(My personal favourite from the Boda Skins collection was this beautiful blue jacket)

Lily Lulu Fashion are another Manchester based retailer and I was lucky enough to attend their press party last month to have a sneak peak of their clothing line. The collection on the catwalk featured pieces that are perfect for Spring/Summer - think florals and bright colours.

(I loved this playsuit from Lily Lulu Fashion)

Sve Fashion closed the show and they had an array of beautiful one off couture evening dresses designed and created by Sally Ellis.

(Amazing Asian-inspired finale dress by Sve Fashion)

I had such a great time at Day 2 of Manchester Fashion Week and I now have a wishlist that I want to purchase from brands I discovered at the show!

What do you think? Would you wear any of these?


  1. Glad you enjoyed it! Saw you briefly when getting a snap with Denise (I'm shameless with celebs haha) but had to run off, hopefully see you soon love!xx

    1. Haha, yes I saw you getting your photo! Hope you had a great weekend there. See you soon!xx

  2. Good to see you at the show hun! So much to take in wasn't there? I loved the Clare Baxter showgirl designs too xxx

    1. It was amazing! Lovely to see you again hun, I loved your white jacket - you looked fab!xx

  3. Some gorgeous outfits! I love the 3rd Sofia Dourvari outfit, and all of the OMG Fashion and the Lily Lulu Fashion outfits! That Lily Lulu jumpsuit is gorgeous!

    Lauren |

  4. Beautiful! And I really like how you presented everything, so easy to follow, read and look at the photos :)
    This is a great post!
    And yes, I would wear many items I saw there! Especially the second dress :)

    Xx Andra, from


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