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What's Your Body Shape? | LMFLMF

Hi my name's Michelle and I'm a pear! No, I've not gone I'm writing about body shapes!

Have you ever picked up a dress in a shop, thought that it looked lovely but then when you've tried it on you look in the mirror and find a sack of spuds staring back at you? I have a fair few times and I think it's because I never really understood what body shape I am and how certain things will just never look right on me because of my shape.

A couple of months ago I discovered online clothing retailer, LMFLMF (which stands for Love My Figure, Love My Fashion).

I think the idea behind this company is amazing, it has a 'Body Shape Calculator' which tells you what your body shape is and then shows you which dresses will suit you! It aims to teach you how to shop for your shape and make you feel confident by having the right dress which makes you look and feel great. All you need to do is put your bust, waist and hip measurements into the 'Body Shape Calculator' and it will instantly tell you what shape you are. If you haven't got a tape measure you can email them your details and they'll send you a cute pink one completely free! 

I put my measurements into the calculator and it told me I was a 'pear'.

Let's have a look at what the different body shapes are:


If you're a rectangle you are quite straight up and down and don't have any areas that you need to try and minimise. Your aim should be to try and create the illusion of having more curves but with a small waist.

This AX Paris Crochet Neck Skater Dress (£24.99) would be perfect as it comes in at the waist then gives the illusion of curvier hips from the skater style skirt.


This is me! It's also the most common body shape and means you have feminine shoulders and a small waist with contrasting curves from your bum, hips and err! If you're a pear your aim should be to try and balance out your smaller shoulders and your larger hips.

This Motel Black Dress (£34.99) is great as the capped sleeves and wide scoop neck create the illusion of broader shoulders to balance out your curvy hips.


Apple shapes are top heavy with a larger bust and very little or no waist definition. However, apple shaped lovelies have fabulous legs, slim arms and narrow hips. Your main aim should be to draw attention to your bust and legs.

This Navy Pleat Neck Asymmetrical Midi Dress (£19.50) would be great for you as the low scoop neck would draw attention to your bust, the elasticated waist would give the illusion of a smaller and more defined waist, whilst the stunning floaty skirt would draw attention to your legs with the shorter length at the front.


Think Marilyn Monroe or Kelly Brook - sexy and womanly with curves in all the right places! You have a fuller bust, a tiny waist and curvy hips (I'm not jealous...honestly...) Your aim should be to show off your perfect proportions without being too over the top.

This AX Paris Lurex Top Gold Midi Dress (£24.99) is great for hourglass shapes. It would draw attention to your bust, show of your tiny waist and hug your curvy hips and bum!


If you're an inverted triangle you will be top heavy with a larger bust and/or broad shoulders with noticeably smaller hips and a flat bum. You have little or no waist definition but have killer legs! Your aim should be to create the illusion of having curvier hips to balance out your heavier top half. 

This Closet Navy Polka Dot Dress (£48.99) is great if you're an inverted triangle. The higher neckline will steer attention away from your bust and the structured tulip shaped skirt will give you a more defined waist and the illusion of wider hips to balance out your heavier top half.

LMFLMF have a great range of accessories to complete your outfit too. They also sell the much sought after Tanya Burr lipglosses and nail polishes and are one of the few retailers who will ship these worldwide. 

I hope you've found this post interesting, and maybe even learnt something from it! Be sure to check out LMFLMF at to find out your shape and browse through their gorgeous dresses. 

Leave a comment below and let me know what your body shape is! 

(All photos provided by LMFLMF)


  1. Great post! I love that they can tell you what shape you are - I've often wondered how I would figure that out! About to check the website out right now. :)

  2. I think the pear shape looks so feminine and good! :)
    Unfortunately, I'm an apple.. quite hard to dress sometimes! But I'll check this website for more ideas.

    Andra, from -

    1. Thanks Andra! Yes check the website, they have some lovely dresses to suit your shape x

  3. This is the perfect post for me i have always been confused by shapes and never thought i fit into any really. i didn't even know there was a shape 'rectangle' but now I think I am a petite rectangle hahahaha :) Off to check out the website ow and follow you too xx

    1. Hi Hannah, thanks so much for your comment and for the follow! I was confused about my shape too and thought when things didn't fit or suit right they just weren't made well, but it was obviously down to my body shape x


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