Wednesday, 15 October 2014

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick - #19 'Fuchsia in Rage'

I finally did it! I bought my first YSL lipstick after lusting after them for what seems like FOREVER.....and what a beauty it is!

Like most people, I was instantly attracted to the stunning gold casing. I love the intricate detail of the YSL logo through the middle with the lipstick colour behind it. It looks and feels expensive and I love this new addition to my make up bag!

After trying out a few shades I decided on colour number 19 'Fuchsia in Rage'. This bright purple stood out among the rest on the display counter and, although it's brighter than I would normally wear, I felt it suited me well. Upon swatching this on my hand I discovered that the colour isn't as dark or as purple as it appears, but instead has a gorgeous pink hue to it which I think makes it more wearable.

This particular lipstick is from the Rouge Volupte Shine range. It feels moisturising to wear and gives a gorgeous glossy shine to your lips making them look fuller. It glides on really smoothly and it has the most delicious melon scent.

This lipstick has also got major staying power! I apply, blot and then apply again and it literally lasts for hours. I can eat and drink and it barely budges. It also leaves behind a stain on the lips as it gradually wears so you don't get a patchy uneven look. I even have to remove the last traces of this lipstick at the end of the day with some micellar water and a cotton pad as it doesn't wipe off easily at all. 

This YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick definitely gets a 10 out of 10 from me and I think it's worth every penny of the £25 I paid for it from Selfridges. It has stunning packaging, an amazing colour and the best staying power of any lipstick I've ever used - and for that reason it will last me ages as I won't have to keep re-applying.

I'm already deciding which shade to buy next.....

Do you have any YSL lipsticks? Which shade is your favourite? 


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    1. It's lovely isn't it, definitely the prettiest lipstick packaging I've ever seen!x


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