Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Blogger Murder Mystery Dinner #bgomeetup

Last week I got a last minute invite from the Joe Blogs Network to an event at the Renaissance Hotel in Manchester - a murder mystery night to celebrate the launch of gaming website bgo's new murder mystery slot game. I've always wanted to go to a murder mystery night so there was no way I was turning this down!

I met some of my blogging besties, Katie and Jess, at the hotel and we were greeted with glasses of bubbly - always a great way to start the night! Once seated at carefully laid out tables of 10, we continued chatting and getting to know some new bloggers when all of a sudden 'Lord John' burst into the room shouting and clutching at his chest! He stumbled across the room between the tables of bloggers and died a very dramatic death! The night had begun.......

'Sherlock Holmes' and 'PC World' were immediately on the case and provided each table with an evidence pack which included a list of suspects and several interview forms, forensic request forms and even a fingerprint dusting kit to use! 

 We were served a delicious three course meal whilst conducting our investigations - I had the goats cheese salad starter, wild mushroom pasta main and chocolate brownie and ice cream dessert. We filled out interview questions for suspects, did pocket searches and submitted forms for forensic examinations and eventually we started to piece together what we thought had happened to 'Lord John'.

At the end of the meal each table had to write down who they thought the murderer was, what their motive was and how they did it.......and our table won! We got called into another room and were given costumes to dress up as each of the suspects in the story and had to act out the sequence of events that led to Lord John's demise. (I'm dressed in the stripey blazer and straw boater hat in the photo below as one of the suspects!)

(Photo provided by Joe Blogs Network)

We all had such a fun night and I would like to say a big thanks to bgo, the Joe Blogs Network and The Murder Mystery Company for organising the evening. I'm so glad I got to attend and experience a murder mystery night and also to meet more lovely bloggers from Manchester. I will definitely be looking into whether there are any other murder mystery nights near where I live!
(Group photo! Provided by Joe Blogs Network)
You can read bgo's account of the night here - www.bgo.com/Blog/post/2014/09/19/bgo-murder-mystery-slot-blogger-event

Have you been to a murder mystery night before?

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