Sunday, 26 January 2014

Easilocks Easy-In Hairpiece

I discovered the Easilocks brand on Twitter at the end of 2013 after seeing it being mentioned by various celebrities, so I followed them on Twitter and began lusting after all the gorgeous hairpieces on their website wishing I could afford them! Then they held a competition to win one of their new Easi-In hairpieces as seen on the stars of The Only Way Is Essex. All you had to do was retweet their competition and I was picked as one of the lucky winners! I was over the moon! These are real remi human hair and cost £100 to buy on their website! I emailed them a photo of my hair and they coloured matched me to a medium brown.

This is what arrived in the post a few days later - 

It comes in a nice zip lock pouch to protect the hair and includes a leaflet which advises you to watch the YouTube video on how to fit it.

The hairpiece is one weft with a lace cap and a clear string which fits round the top of your head - 

The string is adjustable so can be made smaller/according to the size of your head.

You place the hairpiece against the crown/back of your head and place the clear string where a fringe would start near the front. You then get a tailcomb and begin to pull the top section of your hair out over the top of the hairpiece and over the clear string. If your hair is fine or thin (like mine!) you will probably need to do some back combing to hide the join of the hairpiece.

I couldn't really get the hang of doing this myself and I didn't think it felt very secure so I bought some hair extension clips and decided to sew a few onto the lace cap for a bit of extra security.

My friend, who is also a hair stylist, came round this week one night after work and I told her about this hairpiece and she said well let's have a go at fitting it now! So she backcombed my hair a bit first so the clips had something to grip on to and fitted the piece with ease! A bit of backcombing to hide the join and....there you have it! Long luscious locks! It felt really secure now and I would feel fine wearing this for a night out!

Here are the before and after photos (excuse my tired appearance, it has been a busy week at work! Haha!)



I can't wait to wear this for a night out now! I've always wanted long, thick hair and I think I would feel amazing wearing this and being all dressed up! I think if I used a hair wand or my GHDs just to add a few waves or loose curls at the bottom it would blend in even better with my hair.

What do you think? Do you wear hairpieces or wigs for a night out? I'd love to know your thoughts/opinions!

Shell x

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